Romeoville Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 15

      Romeoville Fraternal Order of Police DOES NOT Engage In Telemarketing Activities:
The Romeoville FOP Lodge 15 DOES NOT use telemarketing as a means of fundraising for the organization. Some other local lodges in the state still use telemarketing for their donation request efforts, but please be mindful of telephone solicitation scams that are using the Fraternal Order of Police name. Legitimate local lodges will be happy to provide you with any information you ask in trying to ascertain the legitimacy of their fundraising campaign.

     In the event you believe you have recieved an illegitmate request, please contact: Illinois Attorney General's Office of Consumer Fraud at (800) 386-5438 in Chicago, (800) 844-5461 in Springfield, or (800) 243-0607 in Carbondale. If you have questions or concerns about a potential FOP telemarketing call, please do not hesitate to call or email the State Lodge at or (800) 522-2677.

     Romeoville Lodge 15 can only accept donations from within the Romeoville community as per the National FOP By-Laws allow.

    (Article 19, Section 8 of the National By-Laws, which reads, "A subordinate lodge shall not solicit funds or anything of value for any reason whatsoever in the territory of another subordinate lodge without the written permission of the subordinate lodge in whose territory the solicitation is to be made.")